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Bond Supervision Cases

Bond Supervision

Supervised Bond


The courts may release offenders awaiting trial in jail to supervised bond with certain terms and conditions of that bond.  The offenders report to PTS and the respective CSO’s monitor the supervision and enforce the conditions ordered until the accused offender’s case is disposed in court.


Conditions of Supervised Bond must be read and explained to accused offenders prior to requesting their signature.  A copy of the signed conditions shall be given to the accused and they should be encouraged to ask questions at that time.



Supervised Bond is part of our Pre-Trial Services Office. Some services provided through Supervised Bond are:


· Reporting Defendants

· Special Conditions (et. Electronic Monitors)

· Administer Antabuse

· Administer UA

· Report Police Contact within 48 hours

· No alcohol or drugs

· No firearms or weapons





Taras Summers - Supervised Bond Officer