Bowie County Community Supervision and Corrections Department


Payments Made In-Office:

All payments must be made directly to the "Bowie County CSCD". Payments should be made in-full for each monthly installment.


Receipts will be provided for all payments made in person at the office. Mail-in Payments are allowed, but receipts will not be mailed without a stamped, self-addressed envelope included with the payment.


We only accept Cash, Cashiers Check or Money Order, No Personal Checks will be accepted.


When Payment is made by Money Order, the name of the probationer must be clearly PRINTED on the Money Order. The Money Order is to be made out to "Bowie County CSCD". No other entries will be accepted.



Payments Made On-Line:

To make payments online through Official Payments:

(Must have Cause Number and Case ID Number to make payments online)

1. Go to

2. Select: Local Payments and enter zip code 75501

3. Select: Bowie County Community Supervision

4. Enter amount to be paid

5. Accept the terms and conditions; continue thru entering necessary information

6. A confirmation number will be issued upon completion