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Substance Abuse Felony Punishment

Facility (SAFPF)

Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility (SAFPF)


In 1991, the Texas legislature authorized the creation of a program to meet the treatment needs of long-term felony substance abusers. This was the Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility program or SAFPF. The success of SAFPF is based on the use of a modified therapeutic community. There, offenders are incarcerated for approximately nine months during which they receive counseling in order to begin to resolve their anger, confront denial, resentments, and other emotional issues from their substance abuse. They also learn how to relate to other people, learn to express rather than repress their emotions, and learn to take responsibility for their own actions.


The primary candidates for this program are offenders with severe chemical dependency problems. Though the experimental user might benefit from the life skills activities in the program, the program is particularly intended for the long-term abuser whose life has been severely disrupted by chronic drug use. Many of the offenders going to the SAFPFs will have failed at other attempts to become clean and sober: 12 step groups, outpatient treatment, individual therapy, group therapy, or in patient treatment.


Bowie County community supervision officers who wish to recommend placement into a SAFPF must adhere to the following criteria to determine eligibility in terms of legislative, administrative, and medical/psychological issues.



SAFPF Re-Entry Drug Court


SAFPF Re-Entry Drug Court is offenders that successfully complete their out-patient after care component. Services are provided by Community Healthcore. While in the Re-Entry Drug Court the offender will also:


 complete 12-step community meetings

 peer support group at Community Healthcore


Court appearances are directed by the Judge.

Substance Abuse Felony Punishment

Facility (SAFPF)

Carol Castillo - SAFPF CSO

Scott Roberts - SAFPF CSO