Bowie County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Drug Court

Drug Court Program


The Bowie County Judicial Drug Court Program is structured as a multifaceted program, incorporating intensive supervision and monitoring by Probation Officers, frequent/random drug testing, mandatory treatment, community service, and frequent appearances before the Judge. You will be required to attend programs identified to facilitate your recovery and re-socialization to include:


 Individual and group counseling

 Required attendance at 12 step support meetings


 Life skills

 Employment basics


Admission Criteria


The Program provides substance abuse services to a specific, non-violent offender population. To be considered for admission, the following criteria must be met:


 Mandated referral by the Bowie County Judicial Drug Court

 Active or recent history of substance abuse or addiction

 Absence of physical or developmental conditions that would eliminate or greatly reduce the benefit of substance abuse services.

 Absence of any uncontrolled psychiatric or emotional disorder

 If under 18 years of age, must be adjudicated as an adult

 Non-Violent Offender

 No Sexual-Related Offenses

Drug Court

Autumn Nottingham -

Drug Court CSO

Michelle Scott LPC-Intern Counselor

Jeff Greer Drug Court Investigator