Bowie County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP)


The purpose of the CSCD Substance Abuse Treatment Program provides a higher level of treatment than traditional supportive out patient programs with increased accountability utilizing:


 Frequent random urinalysis testing in office and field

 Frequent random breath testing in office and field

 Frequent home, field and collateral visits

 More restrictive monitoring of all conditions of probation

 Electronic monitoring when ordered

 Antabuse when ordered

 SCRAM when ordered

 Alternative to Incarceration Program when ordered



Also providing the offender with tools necessary to make changes in his/her physical, mental, and spiritual life, so as to live a sober lifestyle and be a positive contributor to society.


These tools are provided through the following program components:


 Substance Abuse Education

 Cognitive group counseling

 Moral Reconation Therapies

 Anger Management

 Untangling Relationships

 Job Research

 Life Skills

 Thinking for a Change

 Individual counseling

 12 step programs

 Family education groups

 Relapse/Aftercare groups




Individuals eligible for the program include:


 Offenders ordered by the Court as a condition of Community Supervision to attend and successfully complete CSCD Substance Abuse Treatment program.

 Supervisor approved placement resulting from an Administrative Hearing.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP)

Susan Sullivan - SATP CSO

Brandon Wright - SATP CSO