Bowie County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Mental Health Caseload

Mental Health Caseload


Mental Health Specialized Caseload addresses high-risk offenders with a mental health disorder who pose the most serious threat to the safety of the community by-re-offending. Goals of the caseload are to provide close supervision and referrals to community resources to assist these offenders with basic life skills and managing their mental illness. Most of these offenders have the ability to become and remain pro-social and self sufficient in spite of their disability if they can be identified and receive close skilled supervision.


To be eligible for placement into the Mental Health Specialized Caseload an offender must meet one of the following criteria.


Individuals with the following diagnosis:


 Major depression

 Bipolar disorder

 Offender who is seriously impaired in their functioning due to a mental condition and have a Global Assessment Functioning (GAF) level of 50 or below.



Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court is Individualized by each persons needs. To be eligible for Mental Health Court one must be in the Mental Health Specialized Caseload. Within the Court a Judge will address the offender based on his/her needs:

 Substance abuse treatment

 Medication on compliance

 Drug use


 New offenses

Mental Health Caseload


Carly Frix - Mental Health CSO

Craig Biggar - Mental Health CSO