Bowie County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Alternative Incarceration Program (AIP)

Alternative Incarceration Program (AIP)


The Alternative Incarceration Program (AIP) is a Community Corrections Program funded by Bowie County and administered by the Bowie County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.† The AIP program† provides a cost effective means to reduce crowded Correctional and Jail populations, while maintaining the close and frequent supervised monitoring of the offender/defendants.† AIP is a coordinated effort between the referring courts, correctional facilities and law enforcement to provide appropriate selection and supervision of each defendant/offender.† Additionally, a primary goal of AIP is to involve a network of public and private agencies to support and enhance the delivery and success of all Court Ordered Sanctions.


AIP may offer an alternative to serving a sentence in the Bowie County Correctional Center and/or considered as a condition of Community Supervision.† The AIP target population will be low-risk jail bound offenders, charged with non-aggressive or violent crimes.† AIP program components will stress surveillance, employment, community service, victim restitution, and the collection of a monthly fee to offset a portion of the additional supervision and monitoring expense.


AIP within Bowie County will include a curfew restriction, restricting the defendant to his/her residence during all hours except for court-approved limited activities.


Conditions and sanctions may include, but not limited to:† curfew checks, urinalysis testing, community service work, home confinement, electronic monitoring and participation in education and treatment programming.


Offenders eligible for AIP


 Those found guilty of non-violent offenses and sentenced to the Bowie County Correctional Facility

 Probationers charged with technical or misdemeanor violations.† (MTR pending or amendments).

 Drug Court participants serving a sanction.

 Civil supervision defendants revoked for technical violations.

 Defendants unable to make bond and/or meet a Pre-Trial Release criteria.

 Defendantís waiting placement into SAFPF or other treatment facilities.

Alternative Incarceration Program (AIP)

Taras Summers - AIP Officer

Johnny Bailey - AIP Officer