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Misdemeanor Caseloads

Misdemeanor Caseloads


County Court at Law, misdemeanor court is normally held every Monday in New Boston and on Friday at the Bi-State Justice Building in Texarkana.  .


When the court places an offender on community supervision the court will instruct the offender on the amount of fine and court cost owed and the length of time that the offender has to pay the fine and court cost.  The conditions of community supervision are on a preprinted set and are completed by the court and signed by the judge. 


This pre-printed list of conditions contains four colored copies: white, yellow, pink, and gold.  The white and yellow copies should be given to the District Attorney’s Office; the remaining copies will be given to the officer who will take the copies with them for processing.  The gold copy is the offender’s and the pink copy is placed in the offender’s file.


The conditions of community supervision as well as department policy will be thoroughly explained to the offender in a clear manner and a determination will be made as to whether or not the offender understands the conditions. The processing officer will review the offender’s data sheet to ensure that it is correctly completed and all required information is provided.  The offender will be a photographed and necessary fingerprint taken.


On Friday afternoons, the County Court at Law will hold an “admonition docket”.  The primary purpose of this docket is to bring offender back before the court to be admonished for non-compliance with conditions of probation.  The primary use for this docket will be to address nonpayment of fines and court costs.  Other infractions will be acceptable when approved by the respective supervisor.  This will be an informal docket that will be administered by CSCD staff.  Officers desiring to bring offenders before the court on this docket will staff the case with their supervisor before adding the offender to the docket.


Whenever an officer wishes to bring an offender before the court for admonition the officer will be responsible for the following: ensure the offender is on the docket, ensure that the offender is informed of the date and time to be in court, and be prepared to present your case to the court when you appear with the offender.


The County Court at Law reviews all probated cases three months from the date of sentencing.  All offenders are placed on the “review” docket after their first three months and offenders in compliance may be dismissed from the court appearance by a supervisor.  Offenders not in compliance appear in court for their review and any changes in payment plans or modified conditions are ordered during review hearings.




Lisa LaGrone – Misdemeanor CSO

Caesar Rodriguez – Misdemeanor CSO

Angi Hollis – Misdemeanor CSO