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Aftercare Re-Entry Program

Aftercare Re-Entry Program


Chief Goals: Reaching personal and treatment goals, living clean, sober and legal lifestyles.


Aftercare is a minimum of one year that begins immediately upon discharge from a CCF treatment facility. Since you have recently completed a long term inpatient treatment program, you should be able to avoid temptations and continue to live a healthy life. You no longer give in to anyone offering drugs or alcohol. You continue to think before you act and you know more about your friends.


Aftercare consists of attending Parenting or Peer Support one night a week, Aftercare class one night each week, attending AA/NA meetings, working the 12 steps with a sponsor, individual counseling as directed, and appearing in Re-Entry Court as directed.


If you have children or step children you will be in the Parenting class. If you do not have any children you will participate in Peer Support. You will attend the Aftercare class each week on the night assigned by the CSO and Counselor. Re-Entry Court is held at Bi-State in the Texarkana District Courtroom at 9:00 AM on Fridays.


Termination Criteria


You may be terminated from Aftercare Program for the following reasons:


 Repeated failure to make progress.

 Arriving for scheduled activities under the influence of alcohol or other illicit substances.

 Physical assault or verbal abuse of any person in the Program.

 Breaking program rules repeatedly.

 Not following directions of CSO and Counselor.

 Absence without permission for 30 days.

Aftercare Re-Entry Program

Kristy McLeod After Care Residential Community Supervision Officer RCSO