Bowie County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Transfer Caseload


Transfer Caseload


Community Supervision Cases, can be transferred to other counties or accepted into our county for supervision. Upon receipt of the case file material from another county or state, the transfer case manager shall send the offender a letter requesting the offender contact the transfer case manager immediately for an appointment.  When the offender reports for his initial visit, the transfer case manager will have the offender fill out a data sheet, take the offender’s picture, and assign offender to the appropriate officer. An acceptance letter is mailed to the county of jurisdiction at that time.


It should be noted that most states will not allow an offender to transfer to the receiving state until the receiving state has accepted supervision beforehand. In this instance, an acceptance letter will be sent to the Interstate Compact office once the packet is received and it is a valid residence plan. The acceptance letter will have the name and number of the transfer case manager and the offender is to contact the transfer case manager immediately upon arrival in Bowie County to schedule an appointment.


After an initial visit with the offender, the file is then submitted to the appropriate support staff member to enter the case into the computer system. A file is made up for that offender and given to the assigned officer.




Erin Self - Transfer Officer