Bowie County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Pre-Trial Diversion/ Pre-Sentence Investigations

Pre-Trial Diversion/Pre-Sentence


Pre-Trial Diversion


PTD is designed to divert eligible misdemeanor and felony offenders from the criminal justice system.  This diversion allows such first time offenders an avenue to avoid the stigma, which accompanies the system entrance.


The target population for PTD will be felons and misdemeanants who meet the following criteria:


No prior conviction other than a class “C” offense


 Must not have previously received a probated sentence for a like offense


Must not have previously participated in a pretrial program


Defendants charged with the following offenses will not be considered eligible


 Offenses involving the sale of a controlled substance.

 Offenses involving a felony DWI or a DWI where bodily injury occurred.

 Offenses committed with firearms or prohibited weapons.

 Offenses involving criminally negligent homicide.

 Assault offenses.


PTD has the responsibility of assisting the courts and/or district attorney’s office in diverting certain misdemeanor and felony defendants from the court system and supervising those offenders selected.


PTD schedules the defendant for an orientation interview where he is given a brief explanation of their term and conditions of supervision as ordered. A risk/needs assessment, plus supervision plan, is completed. The plan includes pertinent referrals which may include:


DWI 1st Education

Drug Offender Education

Court Ordered Probation Education (COPE)

Minor in Possession Classes (MIP)



PTD supervises all those defendants placed in this program for a period of up to one (1) year. This supervision is based on traditional casework approach with timetables.  During this supervision the offender is required to abide by certain conditions, depending on the offense and the risk/needs assessment evaluation. After successful completion of the program by the offender, a recommendation for dismissal of charges is submitted to district attorney’s office.




Post and Pre-Sentence Investigations


Pre-Trial Services furnishes three District Courts with post and pre-sentence investigation reports. These reports are prepared in accordance with present state law and provide as much pertinent information as possible to assist the courts in determining appropriate sentencing options and alternatives to incarceration. PSI’s consist of the following parts:


· Offense—police/court version, defendant’s version

· Weapons/violence

· Co-defendants

· Other pending charges

· Restitution—determining appropriate victim’s restitution is another responsibility of this service. An accurate and factual report of victim’s damages along with recommendations is provided to the courts prior to sentencing date whenever possible.

· Juvenile history

· Adult misdemeanor history

· Adult felony history

· Family background

· Education background

· Employment background

· Substance abuse history

· Physical/mental health

· Summary

Taras Summers -
Pre-Trial Services CSO

Carvel Good -
Pre-Trial Services CSO