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Bowie County Juvenile Probation


Bowie County Juvenile Probation Department


The Bowie County Juvenile Probation Department provides services to at risk youth, who are referred to the department by a Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice Agency. A staff of Certified Juvenile Probation Officers and support staff provide structured supervision and programming in an effort to divert a youth from future involvement in an Adult Criminal Justice System. Each Juvenile referred to the agency is encouraged to participate in educational and cognitive life skills programming with a hopeful outcome of being a productive citizen. 





Harland Jones - Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

Bowie County Juvenile Program Center (BCJPC)

Stuart E. Nunn Building


The BCJPC located at 1324 W. 7th, has been established to serve the Juvenile Justice System client population in Bowie County. Established in 2008, the center provides services to youth referred to the court system by a Criminal Justice Agency. Juvenile referrals consist of both Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses, including referrals Juveniles with Conduct in Need of Supervision.


The goal of the Bowie County Juvenile Program Center is to provide a positive, safe, and structured environment for the juvenile population of Bowie County with maladaptive behavior patterns. Our mission is to provide both supervision and various aspects of education to juveniles who are unsupervised during the regular school day. It is the hope of the Bowie County Juvenile Program Center to break the cycle of delinquency by providing support, intervention, and redirection of inappropriate social behaviors and to enable our youth to become healthy, motivated, and capable well-adjusted adults to ensure future success.


Services provided to the Juvenile population will, but are not limited to: Basic Education, Cognitive Skills Training, Anger Management, Social Awareness and Understanding, and both Individual and Group Counseling services tailored to specific deficits and needs of youth.


Program Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Day Programs (Juveniles Not Attending Public, Private, or Approved Home School)


Afternoon and Evening Programs will also be available.


To inquire regarding further information about our programs, please feel free to contact our facility at (903) 798-3600.

The administrative offices are located on 601B. Main Street while our Program Center is located on 1324 West 7th Street.

Juvenile Program Center



1324 West 7th Street

Texarkana, TX 75501

Phone: (903) 798-3600


Juvenile Probation Office



601 B. Main Street

Texarkana, TX 75501

Phone: (903) 791-1707